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Wanted: Publisher's Assistant

Posted: 05/04/2016



To help with production of ebooks, print on demand and social media marketing for our children’s picture books

 You need knowledge of and confidence with Digital ProductionCreative Software and Social Media - Or be willing to learn extremely fast by researching and implementing

 You need to be a self-starter, be OK with taking responsibility, be interested in the creative sector, capable of working independently, be open and honest as a communicator

 Temporary post in the first instance

Minimal paid returns 

 As you will have seen by looking through the website, Ravenmouse Children’s Publishing deliver beautifully illustrated and superbly told stories. So far, our output shows the fantastic quality we always insist upon. We are now expanding from Apple appbook and ibooks to deliver eBooks and Print on Demand. But with everything that entails
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Get an Editor!

Posted: 25/01/2016

Why? Well, because you may think that you are the best person to edit your own work, that it will be cheaper and that only you will do it justice, for a start. In any case what exactly does an editor do? Change my lovely text to something that isn't what I wanted to say, delete whole sections which are absolutely vital to the whole plot and tell me that some bits of it are completely wrong! Or, maybe there are distinct jobs that are needed for most stories. First there is the developmental editing. That is, to check that the storyline follows on in the correctly, so events don't happen in the wrong order. This is easy to do if you do a lot of cutting and pasting, or re-writing. It is vital for getting the chronology straight. It would be frustrating to read a narrative when the times or dates are out of sync.They also ensure that the whole narrative hangs together as one, to check that the style
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The Editing Process, part One

Posted: 11/01/2016

As an author and not as an editor, I know that I am so over-confident when I sit down and think, no, tell myself that this editing business is so easy. I mean,, how hard can it be to spot an extra comma or a word that is mis-spellt?  So once I have finished a story, which is another set of blogs in itself, I get straight on with editing it. First mistake. Always leave several days, if not a couple of weeks before going back to what you think is a finished piece of writing. Returning to it soon after completing a draft will only compound your errors or mistakes. You will still be thinking about how clever this turn of phrase is, or revelling in that bit of characterisation. We tend to have a set way of thinking and writing. That is why you have just written whatever the narrative is. We can and do alter, rewrite and delete, but having a fresh mind assessing the narrative works
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Artwork or Story?

Posted: 01/01/2016

We are often asked: so which comes first in our picture books, the artwork or the story? The answers are, as usual, varied and never straightforward. It is expected that we say 'oh it is always the images, as this shows everyone exactly what the characters will be, we can do mock-ups of all the glorious colours we want to use, look at the possible poses, and we then build on it to predict the sort of actions they will take which feeds into directing the story.' Or, oh it is always the story, as that has to dictate what happens and the illustrations are so much easier to do when you know what the action is. You cannot illustrate anything without knowing what the characters are going to do.' But the real process is usually a mix of almost any of the individual components that take on a greater level of importance for a while, and then other factors come through to dictate. So it may be that an
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